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Chicago Nursing Home Neglect: Questions Surround More Fatalities at North Side Assisted Living Facility for Disabled Young Adults and Children

According to watchdog group Equip for Equality, at least five more deaths occurred at Alden Village North because of negligent nursing care. The group’s findings come after its members weeks spent at the assisted living facility examining documents, including medical records.

Equip for Equality says that about 20 Alden residents have died since 2008. That was the year that Floyd Schlossberg, who is the current nursing home operator, took over. The watchdog group said that they found 15 cases that they considered “troublesome.” Among those cases were five deaths that were “particularly egregious.” In the Chicago Tribune, Deborah Kennedy, the group’s abuse investigation director says that although its unclear whether Chicago nursing home neglect played a role in the deaths, negligent nursing care did contribute to the decline of the patients’ health.

Equip for Equity claims that the Chicago nursing home regularly got rid of evidence of medication mistakes, did not treat patients' illnesses correctly, disregarded lab results, and incorrectly investigated a number of nursing home deaths. One example of alleged negligent nursing care involved a 14-year-old girl who died in 2009. Her cause of death is listed as pneumonia. However, the watchdog group says that even though while she was still alive her lab results showed that she was experiencing “heavy growth” of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, there is no evidence in her medical records that she was given an antibiotic to treat the bacteria.

The North Side assisted living facility has been under close scrutiny since a Chicago Tribune investigation found that neglect and death were rampant at Alden. The Tribune had reported 8 deaths since 2008 that led to citations. The state of Illinois is in the process of trying to close the facility.

Alden is disputing Equip for Equity’s findings about the 5 deaths.

Chicago Nursing Home Neglect
Our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers are appalled at the incidents of nursing home negligence that occur in many assisted living facilities. It is the patients who suffer. We are here to fight for our clients’ right to financial recovery from all responsible parties.

More deaths identified at North Side nursing facility for disabled kids, Chicago Tribune, March 28, 2011

More deaths reported at Alden nursing facility, WGNTV, March 29, 2011

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