Sexual Harassment in Nursing Homes

Over 70 percent of elderly residents occupying assisted living facilities such as nursing homes have been afflicted by some variety of enfeebling condition that leaves them extremely vulnerable and unable to defend themselves in the distressing event that they are faced with an abuser or an abusive situation. It’s an incredibly upsetting statistic, but roughly 81 percent of elderly care residents in the United States have fallen victim to some form of abuse at the hands of those entrusted to care for them, even more upsettingly this can include sexual abuse. Residents suffering from extreme physical and cognitive disorders such as stroke or Alzheimer’s are most at risk of being victimized, with nursing staff targeting those too weak or ill to defend themselves appropriately or call for assistance, these characteristics allow an abuser to take complete control of a situation thus lowering the risk of being caught in the act or found out.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

There a multitude of forms that sexual abuse can present itself, including: fondling, unwanted kissing, unwanted penetration, improper sexual behavior or rape. There’s currently no way to outright stop this kind of abuse from taking place in nursing homes, so you should be aware of the kind of signs that a loved one may exhibit if they have been a victim of sexual abuse.

  • Extreme bruising between the thighs
  • Swelling and/or pain in the genitals
  • Unusual inability to stand or walk correctly
  • Rectal bleeding
  • The appearance of sexually transmitted diseases

If you are suspicious that a loved one has become the victim of sexual abuse or harassment of any description, you must act immediately. Thankfully, there are a number of avenues you can travel down to make sure these abusers are brought to justice.

  • Promptly remove your loved one from their nursing home
  • Contact law enforcement authorities
  • Make the nursing home directly aware or report the nursing home itself to the authorities

Sexual abuse is a heinous crime regardless of who it’s being conducted against, but there’s something particularly sinister about abusing physically and mentally weak elderly residents under the guise of their caretaker. Your loved ones should not have to suffer at the hands of the very staff being paid to make their lives more tolerable.

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